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Family Face Off Factsheet

Sly Trunk, LLC
Headquarters: Los Gatos, CA
Release date
April 11, 2016
Family/Party Games
Board Games
iOS - iTunes App Store
Android - Google Play
Optimized for iPad

Family Face Off Description:

Phonewalled by your family? You know the drill: everybody's head is buried in their own device, so no one's actually present.

Break the #phonewall with Family Face Off, the free game that brings your crew together for REAL face time.

Variety: Play 9 of your favorite family games in one session!
Split up into teams, then compete in rotating rounds of Charades, Pictionary, Heads Up, Trivia, Catch Phrase and Memory all in one game - with a few surprise categories as well!

Flexibility: Set Your Own Family Time and Game Modes
Play what you want for as long as you want. Customize the settings for just a few rounds to kill time while you're waiting for your table, or keep the fun going longer to make that road trip go by in a blink. Play all categories, or just the games your family enjoys the most.

Simply Hilarious and Surprisingly Meaningful
Entertain your kids for hours, foster communication and create shared memories that last a lifetime!

9 Categories of On-Your-Toes Gameplay, with over 9,000 Challenges.

  • Act-it (charades) - One person acts out the clue for the rest of the team.
  • Guess-it (word clues) - Get your team to guess as many words as they can.
  • List-it (things in a category) - Teams try to guess the 9 answers in the category.
  • Draw-it (draw the clue) - Get your team to guess your drawing as quickly as they can.
  • Match-it (memory) - Find the pairs as quickly as you can, watch out for the moving tiles.
  • Perform-it (reverse charades) - The team acts out the clue for just one guesser.
  • Order-it (sorting challenge) - Put the listings in order ... shortest to longest, oldest to newest.
  • Built-it (tangram torture!) - Use geometric shapes to build a picture of the clue.
  • Know-it (trivia challenge) - Guess as many trivia questions as you can before the buzzer.


  • iOS: Version 8.0 and later
  • Android: 2.3.1 (Gingerbread) and later


Assets are available from a shared Dropbox folder.


Family Face Off game -- Backstory

Developed by: Clint Carpenter and Shawn Robinson.

Our developers have been playing games together for years...since Kindergarten in fact. Now decades later, they are thrilled to finally have had the opportunity to build the exact game that they have been wanting to play with their families and friends... Family Face Off -- to break the phonewall out there keeping families from connecting for REAL face time

About Sly Trunk, LLC

Sly Trunk is a friendly, talented team, passionate about creating outstanding digital products. Founders Shawn Robinson and Luke Wojewoda believe that the best websites and mobile apps are realized through fantastic engineering. Since founding Sly Trunk in 2009, they have assembled a small team of multi-talented, highly skilled individuals who can deliver on that vision. Whether implementing designs to their fullest potential, or solving complex problems, our clients and partners get to know and trust us intimately. Sly Trunk delivers full-stack talent and we pride ourselves on the scalable, robust code we've written that underpins the experiences of millions of users each day.

Press Release/PR pitch:

The frightening consequences of family cellphone addiction. And how to cure it.

A high-tech epidemic-the first of its kind-is sweeping the nation. At risk is anyone with a smartphone, a data plan, and a working charger. At stake are the things we hold most dear: our relationships with the people we love.

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